Faleon Winterthistle

Halfling, Druid 3


STR: 8
DEX: 16
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 15
CHA: 11

HP: 24
AC: 14

Weapon: Scimitar, Dagger
Armor: Leather
Magic Items: Boots of the Winterlands



Faleon is a Halfling druid who was mentored by a circle of Arctic druids in the north, but he was not a druid from birth. The first few years of Faleon’s life were normal, as normal as one could call their life. He lived happily in a small village in the north with both his parents. His mother raised him with love and care while his father made money as an artificer of magical items. In a foolish attempt for a quick profit, Faleon’s father made a deal with some shady individuals. Quickly regretting his decision, Faleon’s father backed out of the deal in an attempt to avoid the danger of this foolish deal; but these were not people you could easily back away from.

Years later in Faleon’s eighth winter, the consequences of his father’s mistakes finally caught up to him. It happened suddenly in the night, Faleon was awoken by his mother and quickly dressed heavily as if he were going on a journey. Outside the door, he could hear his father pleading and screaming with someone before he heard a large thud. Just as his mother had finished putting on his father’s boots onto Faleon’s feet, three large figures burst through the door of the house and grabbed him and his mother. A bag was placed over his head as he was placed on a horse.

It felt like hours had passed as he and his family were taken to an unknown location far from civilization. They were thrown of the horses into the snow as a blizzard began to start swarming around them. In a vain attempt to make it back home, Faleon slowly witnessed his parents freezing to death in the blizzard while he remained inexplicably unaffected by the cold. It was not long after that a druid found Faleon in the blizzard and took him back to the druid circle where he learned his magic.

Character goals:

Learn more about the new magic gemstones in the frontier
Meet up with his master
(Possibly) Learn more about his parent’s death

Faleon Winterthistle

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