Erikur Havencloud

Human, Barbarian 3


Age: 34
Height: 6’4"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Greying-Black

Weapons: Longsword and Shield
Subclass: Storm Herald (Sea)
Feats: Shieldmaster


Bound with burden ever since his birth, Davan Havencloud has lived a life full of expectation. He was born as son to the village chief of the Tøfthavlyn tribe, a nomadic-seafaring tribe of warriors and raiders. As son of the village chief, he was destined to become the next leader, and was trained rigorously for this upbringing. Hours of combat instruction and sparring were beaten into his body, instilling their technique into him. But the Tøfthavlyn carry another technique for battle, the fury of the elements. Davan was tutored underneath the tribal shamans on how to bend the storms to his fury., and to force foes to acknowledge the power of the Tøfthavlyn. These high expectations laid their burden on his mind, and doubt encased itself around him. His only relief he felt was the presence of his wife Myra, and his young daughter Anna. When that solice was ripped away, Davan fell deep in the darkness of his mind. The Grovjord, another tribe of wanderers, lead a raid on the landed Tøfthavlyn. His wife and daughter were slain in the process, snapping him into the cold heart of reality. For years 4 years, he carried the burden of loss with him. No ale, woman, or glory in battle could revitalize the young man. His exile played no role in settling his doubts either. When his father commanded he marry a member of the Grovjord, Davan left without word. For a while, he wandered.Eventually, he learned of the Bastian Frontier Mining Co. offering work since the clearing of the Everstorm. On his journey there, he encountered a peculiar dragonborn who stowed way with him.
Even with all the burden and loss he has experienced, Davan has decided the only thing he can do is keep moving forward. His thoughts in mind to make his wife and daughter proud of him, while they gaze down from the After.

Erikur Havencloud

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