Stibnite "Stib" Stonedust

Mountain Dwarf, Paladin 3


Race: Mountain Dwarf
Class: Paladin
Sacred Oath: Oath of Vengeance

STR: 17
DEX: 10
CON: 15
INT: 8
WIS: 10
CHA: 15

HP: 26
AC: 20

Weapon: War Pick
Armor: Chain Mail, Shield
Magic Items: Cloak of Protection

Age: 162 years
Height: 4’8"
Weight: 218 lbs.


Stibnite “Stib” of the Stonedust Clan has traveled from Shatteredspine Stronghold to Bastian in search of an ancient artifact rumored to be located in the frozen wastelands. The artifact [Name?] is a relic of the Guardians of Life paladin order and was lost in a previous age. The artifact was deemed unrecoverable due to the ever-storm [Name?], but with that storm now abated, Stib is taking a risk to recover this holy relic. The only information he has regarding this artifact is based on legends.

Stib originates from the Shatteredspine Stronghold located in the northern mountains of Dagakar. He has shirked some probationary duties in order to seek out this artifact. He justifies his rash behavior by claiming he will bring glory to the order. His ulterior objective is to restore his standing in the order, where he is currently out-of-favor for insubordination.

Stib grew up in the dwaven settlement name the Halls of Copper lacated in central Dagakar. Here his father plyed the stonemason trade and his mother was a sergent for the neighborhood malitia.

Stib was conscripted into the Dagakar army and advanced to the post of infantry sergeant. During a battle with an Orc invasion force, Stib disobeyed direct orders to fall back with his squad. He chose to fight in order to protect his wounded squadmates. The squad suffered several more casualties until the Dwarven reserves were able to flank and route the Orc division. After a long rest in the field infirmary, most of Stib’s squadmates were able to recover from their injuries.

After the battle, Stib was court-martialed for insubordination and then discharged from the army. Too disgraced to return home, he wandered north to the Shatteredspine Stronghold, working odd jobs as a mercenary or a mason. In the ’Spine, he eventually met a paladin of the Guardians of Life and was accepted as an avowed. In the decades since, he has built a reputation as being honorable, but reckless.

Stonedust Clan:
Ancient clan dating back millennia. Originally served as shield-bearers in dwarven phalanx formations. So named because they would cover their shields with stone dust, partially blinding their enemies when their shields were struck. In trade, they are typically masons specializing in fortifications.

Stib is a middle-aged dwarf.
His skin is the color of fertile loam soil and weathered like an old boot.
His eyes are the color of wet flint and they tend to gaze into the horizon when conversing.
He has a bald pate and a beard the color of dusty slate with a copper-red streak at the chin. The part of the beard that meets the mustache is in a double-plait.

Personality Traits:
1) I’ve lost too many friends, and I’m slow to make new ones.
2) I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.

INDEPENDENCE (Chaotic): When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny.

I will regain the respect of my Order by retrieving a long-lost relic.

1) I have little respect for arbitrary authority, including religious dogma, inane military orders, or petty civic laws.
2) I act imperious and overbearing to others, especially ones who are younger or non-dwarven.

Tenets of Vengeance:
1) Fight the Greater Evil. Faced with a choice of fighting my sworn foes or combating a lesser evil. I choose the greater evil.
2) No Mercy for the Wicked. Ordinary foes might win my mercy, but my sworn enemies do not.
3) By Any Means Necessary. My qualms can’t get in the way of exterminating my foes.
4) Restitution. If my foes wreak ruin on the world, it is because I failed to stop them. I must help those harmed by their misdeeds.

Stibnite "Stib" Stonedust

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